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Biblical Counseling

What is Biblical counseling?

Biblical counseling starts and ends with one fundamental truth - the Bible, God's Word, is sufficient to answer the issues and problems of life. Because God created human beings, we believe God, through His Word, is best qualified to address human issues.

Biblical counseling brings hope to any situation by helping people identify their problems in Biblical terms in order to address the heart issues at the core of the problem. Once this is accomplished, those receiving counsel will be led to apply God's biblical solution, resulting in actual change and growth.

What is the cost of Biblical counseling?

There is no cost for Biblical counseling. However, at times it may be necessary to purchase recommended materials such as books, CDs, or DVDs.

Who is eligible to receive Biblical counseling?

Anyone desiring Biblical counseling can receive counseling. Texas Avenue Baptist Church provides free Biblical counseling to all individuals, couples, and families seeking help in such areas as marriage, parenting, finances, addictions, fear, anger, grief, worry, etc.

How can you get started?

Call the church office at 979.696.6000 or fill out the form below to ask questions or setup an appointment for an initial consultation.

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